“Attack” attitude to YouTuber industry. The moment when I was convinced that “This can not keep an eye on me!”

The overseas YouTube industry is avant-garde and free. On the other hand, how about Japan now?

I came to be conscious of this word because I was YouTuber
It was from about 2015 when I began operating overseas channels ….

After that, with the title creator Ninja Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Clinin)

I became involved in May 2017!

In addition, he took office as an official advisor since December of the same year.

At the beginning, I was invited as one of the company projects.

At that time I was present at the meeting, famous as the creator of mixi

From CoFounder Mr. Eto Batara

“Is not it involved in us as YouTuber as it is?
In developing the platform, “user viewpoint” is more important than anything
I want to know and eliminate a number of evils that can be seen from the user’s position, YouTuber. ”
I was told with a serious look.

Yes, it was so sudden and serious,

I clearly remember the moment I accepted!😂

【Reasons to participate】

However, even after coming home, there was nothing to regret as wondering!

That should be that, I had a good impression on “direction” in touch with the people of Kurinin.

The main reason is only one. “To make YouTuber’s position as a user fair” is the purpose.

First of all, Kurinin

We are making an application that will make all things “YouTuber needs” all in one.

And secondly, influencers such as YouTuber are currently in Japan

If you do not belong to any MCN or office

We have images that have limits, including acquisition routes of corporate deals and other activities.

On the other hand, the MCN and the office

Styles that severely restrain it, “Do not have any relationships with other companies” are mainstream, still ….😿

However, this way of thinking, lightly from overseas, it is about 5 years behind

If you are trying to eliminate the relationship with your competitors more than you need for influencers

Influencers will demand litigation or contract cancellation at the second speed.

No, in the relationship between married couple or classical binding husband or the like … ??

Clearly I will tell you. That style, future times will not last! ✋

【Vision of Creator Ninja】

Such a clinin company is currently moving mainly around the following direction.

1. Development of platform for YouTuber (focus on application)

2. Management of Influencers, including YouTuber

3. Media production for YouTuber

We will make improvements and cultivation for everything, but gradually we plan to hold events etc.

【Future of products】

It got longer but I sympathize even a little

Engineers and sales people, please feel free to apply!

Even if you are not familiar with YouTube, you do not need to worry at all because understanding progresses naturally.

You, tell me more concrete! You thought! Huhuu, is not it … 😝

Everyone worked while listening to music in a clean office, laughing suddenly,

It is full of warmth unique to venture, if you eat rice freely ~! 😹🏠

I think that it is one edge that I read this page.
Make a new platform, rescue YouTuber,
Let’s break the times together! 😊✨