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What we do

The Executives

Creator Ninja develops and provides a platform that establishes an economic zone with YouTube creators.

Creator Ninja receives support and funding from Freakout Holdings (one of the top digital marketing public companies in Japan) and East Ventures (top VC in Asia).

Recently YouTubers and other video creators are getting social attention, various companies use them as influencers when advertising.

We continuously pursue products that encourage a world where companies are more likely to use creators and influencers for advertising and to generate market excitement.

Why we do what we do

Creator Ninja is certain that working with creators and influencers is becoming in today’s marketplace. Unfortunately, we believe that influencers have been treated in a very negative way for a long period of time. We feel that there is room to make it easier to hire YouTube creators.

We understand what it means to be a creator, and the effort that is required to build a successful audience because the founding team of Creator Ninja has been through the same path.

And at the same time, we know that influencer marketing has proven to be one of the best and most efficient platforms to communicate and advertise, and that advertisers as well have been struggling to find the right platforms and tools to do influencer marketing at scale.

Considering this, we also want to dramatically improve how advertisers make their campaigns more efficient, trackable, measurable and manageable at scale.

What service we provide

Creator Ninja is developing a dashboard “TUBERS” that provides data analysis through its database that covers domestic YouTube channels. This is a tool to support a YouTube marketing strategy that allows you to check rankings, comprehensive data, and creator competitions.

■ Feature of  “TUBERS”
Our vast database is No. 1 in Japan! It covers approximately 5,6000 channels and 7,000,000 videos in the country.
We provide reliable data to a wide range of industries such as YouTube offices and advertising agencies because it can analyze all YouTube channels in Japan.

Support the growth of creators
By quantitatively understanding and giving feedback of each YouTube channel’s strengths and weaknesses, you can support creator’s growth.

Dig up new creators
You can find a creator who matches with detailed search items, and you can expand the creator selection with our rival function.

Manage your members/favorite creators at once
With easy-to-read management such as list feature, you are able to analysis data comprehensively.

There are still much room for improvement in products, and we place great emphasis on “providing good things” flexibly without being bound by a fixed concept.

* We had been providing a free mobile app for YouTube creators but we have been focusing on our “TUBERS” dashboard right now.

What environment

We are a small team, but it is a perfect place for people who want to grow together at a cheerful and friendly environment! Once a month, we go out to have dinner or we have a party in the office.

The image shows when we brought hand-made dishes at our monthly activity


Marketing using YouTube is no longer unusual in the advertising industry, but we have launched products to make it easier and more universal. First of all, we are not a management office. We develop and provide a platform & tools specialized for YouTubers.

We definitely believe that demand for YouTubers and influencers is increasing. For this market, we will approach from a slightly different angle, generating market excitement, improving creator satisfaction while achieving our sales expansion goals.

We are still a small team. Honestly, work is fluid in terms of each person’s responsibilities towards the business.

In this environment you can involve yourself in all aspects of the business.  We would like to hire people who want to challenge themselves from the point of view of building a business.

Please contact us if you are willing to work hand in hand with the founding team, helping to communicate ideas with other team members, etc.


If you have any doubts or concerns, why don’t you just come and visit our office and check it for yourself! No strings attached!
Over here we can chat a little bit more about our vision and goals.


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