We will make a new type platform to raise the YouTuber market!

What we do

経営陣The executives

Creator Ninja is a company that provides the tools, platform and education to help influencers grow their channels and revenue and help them connect with advertisers to increase their opportunities to monetize their video content.

Creator Ninja has the support and funding from Freakout Holdings (one of the top digital marketing public companies in Japan) and East Ventures (top VC in Asia).

In our company we have one very clear goal:
To provide value to the influencers by developing technologies that help them improve their revenue performance and to provide tools and technology that enhances the experience of managing influencer marketing campaigns to advertisers.

This clear goal opens a huge spectrum of opportunities where we can actually make a difference such as:
– Content Creation Tools
– Performance & Tracking Tools
– Collaboration Tools
– Client Matchmaking
– Marketplace

Creator Ninja’s vision is global in its very foundation. The objective has always been to provide value to influencers in the whole world.

Why we do

In Creator Ninja, we believe that influencers have been treated in a very negative way for a long period of time. Everybody see the creators as assets and machines that are ready to work for anything. But the reality is very different.

We understand what it means to be a creator, and the effort that is required to build a successful audience because the founding team of Creator Ninja has been through the same path.

And at the same time, we know that influencer marketing has proven to be one of the best and most efficient platforms to communicate and advertise, and that advertisers as well have been struggling to find the right platforms and tools to do influencer marketing at scale.

Considering this, we also want to dramatically improve how advertisers make their campaigns more efficient, trackable, measurable and manageable at scale.

How we do

We have already provided free assistance applications to creators for free. From now on, we will make additional functions and updates further and make it more useful for creators.

We are planning to provide our own dashboard even for advertisers, and we are currently creating it diligently.

There is still much room for improvement in both products, and we place great emphasis on “providing good things” flexibly without being bound by a fixed concept.

To create a true partnership between influencers and advertisers using our platform and to provide value for them through technology development

Team Effort
Highly Motivated


Marketing using Youtuber is no longer an advertising industry, but we launch a product that makes it even easier and more universal.

First of all, we are not a management office. Providing useful things for Youtuber, providing good news, increasing opportunities for monetization by supporting matching with companies, both of which offer great convenience to viewers. We do under such a concept.

In fact there are some more specific strategies, but we think that we can talk about that when we meet.

We definitely believe that demand for Youtuber and influencers is increasing. For this market, we will approach from a slightly different angle, we will raise the market, improve the satisfaction of creators, and achieve all our sales expansion.

However, it is still a small team. Honestly it is fluid as regards each person’s business from the direction of business.
Pleasantly, such an environment is that everything you can do.
We would like to apply for those who want to challenge from the point of building a business.

Wanted Open Position
Employment Forms Internship, Part-Time Student Job / Mid-career Recruitment